Digital Convergence and the Future of Book Publishing: Is E-book a Viable Alternative?

By John Malala.

Published by The International Journal of the Book

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The book industry is facing a new explosion in the forms of e-book and digital libraries on the internet and around the world. This explosion continues to magnify and increase at a staggering rate to a point that, some experts now believe, the number of books available on the internet in Digital libraries will exceed that of the Library of Congress. This paper presents various views on the future and viability of e-book. The paper focused specifically on the viability of printed books in an age that is dominated with personal electronics that are capable of accessing thousands of databases via the web, and via other wireless communications technologies. Also, while the methods of producing books have changed, and that new delivery methods have been added to the business of book publishing, they have also paved the way for scholars and publishers to search for answers related to digital rights, and for new marketing strategies to benefit creative people.

Keywords: E-book, Digital Convergence, Desktop Publishing, Pay-Per-Use Books, Custom Book Publishing, Digital Books, Books for Smartphones, RSS Feeds

The International Journal of the Book, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.113-120. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 498.233KB).

Dr. John Malala

Assistant Professor, Radio-TV Division, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA

John N. Malala is an Assistant Professor of New Media and Computer-Mediated Communication at the Nicholson School of Communication, University of Central Florida. He received his PhD from the School of Informatics within the department of Electronic Imaging and Media Communication (EIMC)at the University of Broadford. He also has a specialist degree in Computer Science Education from the Florida Institute of Technology. Professor Malala is a member of the Center for Research in Education, the Arts, Technology and Entertainment (CREATE) at the University of Central Florida. His research interests include emerging media communication, virtual learning environments, and interactive multimedia. He is also interested in mobile telephony, mobile, broadcast, mobile publishing and ubiquitous computing. He teaches computer-mediated communication and the production of interactive multimedia applications.


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